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Practical Uses for Evernote

Aside from replacing your paper notepad or even your word processor with Evernote for taking notes, there are a number of other ways or uses for Evernote. So let’s explore some real-life scenarios. We will begin with storing pictures. Now let’s say you just met someone and you took their business card. Don’t risk losing or misplacing it, take a picture of it, you can search for names, titles, et cetera, to find their info quickly down the road. Or maybe you got into a fender- bender, take a picture of both cars.

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The other car’s license plate and the other driver’s license for example. Or maybe you just tried a great bottle of wine, take a picture of a label and you’ll always be able to remember the name when you go to buy it. Take pictures of expense receipts and checks that you might write. That’s a great way to back that information up in case you lose it or need to track it later on. Evernote has a great app for mobile devices that enables you to upload these pictures directly to your account. How about saving documents? When you receive a document, let’s say it’s a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, Excel file, even a PDF that you might need again, why not forward it to Evernote for safekeeping? It’s quite safe, it’s easy, but Evernote provides you with a unique email address to send documents to your Evernote account, and this can be very useful when you use more than one computer to create documents or send and receive emails. How about archiving important information? When you get a prescription, photograph the receipt of the pharmacy, and that will enable you to remember who prescribed it, when the prescription ends, and which pharmacy filled the prescription. This information can be very useful when you want to get a refill, for example. I love this one; store your online passwords. Whenever you buy something online or create an online account, try forwarding the confirmation or the receipt to Evernote. Now when forget your password, registration number, or date of purchase, you don’t have to jump through all kinds of hoops to recover them, and by the way, you can encrypt portions of content in Evernote for greater security. How about recording whiteboard content? Think of Evernote as an affordable way to convert text on a whiteboard to a digital format. Now at the end of that exciting strategic planning session, let’s say, take a picture of the whiteboard and send it to Evernote. Evernote will scan the text, so you can search for your department name to find your piece of the strategic plan that you promptly forgot. And this works for projected slides too. How about recording your thoughts? The Evernote mobile app lets you record your thoughts and then upload it to your account. Now this is perfect for when you have a brilliant idea and want to ensure that it’s not lost among the other clutter in your brain. And one less cool scenario is to keep your tweets. By linking your Evernote in your Twitter accounts, you can achieve archiving your tweets by including the text @myEN and by doing that Evernote will grab it and store it for you.

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