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Office 2013 Best Features

Office 2013 which contains Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft access, Microsoft outlook and some additional applications like Skype, social network specially for businessman “yammer”, Cloude Connectivity etc. Office 2013 is designed and finished because of using in tablet PC touch screen but it can also be used in laptop, desktop and all other computers.

In 16th July, San Francisco Microsoft uncovered the preview of office 2013. In this subject Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, “Till now, office 2913 will be the high expectable version”.

office 2013 features

Though office 2013 is able to use in all kinds of computers but it is mainly for tablet computer use to make user friendly works in tablets, to give service as high as possible, to save time of peoples and to make hard works easy for everyone with tablets. Some features are uncovered by Steve Ballmer like, instant messaging with Microsoft Outlook, presenter preview in PowerPoint by which presenter will be able see the notes at the presenting time without showing it in the big screen. But cloude connectivity is the most pointed feature in office 2013. For this cloud connectivity, anyone can download and use important file using “SkyDrive-(Online Storage Space). Microsoft office 2013 will also work in Windows RT based on ARM processor. When this office 2013 will be in market is not mentioned in San Francisco office. Windows 8 will be at October 26 and its rumored that office 2013 will be on that time.

>>Edit PDF Files in Word:

It’s very much miracle news is that now you all can edit PDF files by word 2013. Just open the PDF file as word 2013 and then PDF file is all yours. You can embed photos and videos on that by using YouTube or Facebook.

>>Very Useful New Templates

Microsoft Office 2013 contains some important and unique templates which is already been set and functioned for study, business, calculations etc.

>>Excel Easy Tweaks

One of the easy feature is Excel easily tweaks names or first names. Type some names and then enter the first names beside your data and press enter. Press Ctrl+E, or Click Data > Flash Fill, and Excel copies the first names down the column which is exactly the same first names.

>>Microsoft One-Note Being Easy

Microsoft OneNote Note-taking app is well managed for tablets. It easily and automatically saves notes without any tapping and it will be easy to access because it automatically saves to SkyDrive.

>>Microsoft Office with Skype

>>Microsoft Office with Yammer (Social Networking)

>>SkyDrive Easy Access All the time

Now you can easily upload your documents in SkyDrive with Microsoft Office 2013. By this you can access your files out of home and any time you want.

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