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How to Merge PDF Files


Hope you all are well. I am here to share with you some tips that are how to merge PDF files. Just you think that what you are going to do to link PDF files you have in your PC? For me, I will go for Google search and find more than one way and try the best way whether it’s going to take time. I will suggest you to go and search on Google and find the best one for you. I prefer the best ad very easy way. Here I am going to tell you how you can combine more than one PDF files almost automatically. Here you do not combine PDF files one by one, you just need to select all PDF files at once and just select the action to join PDF files.

I am not going to use any kind of external software to conjoin PDF files. I am going to create an Automator service, which will combine PDF files automatically. It’s very simple, easy to understand; just for 3 minutes and most importantly the result is 100%. Here you can conjoin PDF files almost 3 or 4 minutes, easily done and result is 100%, so why you will not use it. Here we go then.


How To Merge PDF Files

Online PDF Merger

1. PDF Merge – This is online PDF merging website. Here you can merge as many files you want. You have to select PDF files from your computer and then you have to click on merge. Then it will upload your files and then after completion of merging, it will be automatically downloaded. This online PDF merger has one drawback. There is normally four item can be selected initially, If you want to merge 100 of PDF file then you have to add more files by clicking plus (+) sign which is ‘add more’ option.
2. I Love PDF – This is also a PDF merging website. But this website have many limitations. There is a free version and paid version. Free version user can merge only 10 files and paid user can merge only 20 files. There is also space limitation and availability of download link time. This is too much limitation but in PDF merging, if you cannot merge 30 files then you have to select another product. In my sense, this website will not be the right choice for merging PDF files.

With Automator (Macintosh Only)

1. First, open Automator. You can find Automator in application folder or in the Launchpad or you can search for Automator in spotlight.

Automator Grey Bar

2. After opening the application Automator, you have to go for New under file menu and then select Services.

3. After that, you can see a grey bar at the top and there you have to select the input item. As you are going to merge PDF files, so you have to select PDF files.

4.Then you have to add some actions. Go and find an action ‘gets finder items’ and the double click it. The action will automatically be added. Then find ‘merge PDF pages’, ‘move finder items’, ‘rename finder items’ and then add ‘reveal finder items’.

5. After adding this, you have to save this service and then type a name of that.

6. Then go to the folder where your all PDF files are you want to merge.

7. Then select all the PDF files to merge them. Then right click on one of that PDF file and then hover over the mouse in services and then select the service, which you just created now.

That’s all.

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Other Applications:

With Nitro PDF Method – This is another good application for merge PDF files. You need to open the application, then locate the files you want to merge, then open the files in Nitro PDF, then organize your list, then choose the resolution you want, then save your files in the “save PDF to” file and then click “create” and it will merge all PDF files.

How to Merge PDF Files

With Adobe Acrobat – Adobe Acrobat is the most wonderful application for merge PDF files. You can merge document (doc, docx, .txt) files at the same time. You have to install the full version of Adobe Acrobat application. You have to click on “create” after opening the application. Then select “Merge files into a single PDF”. Then click “Add Files…” and then select the files you want to merge. You can organize the files for the sequential merging. Then click “Combine Files” and it will combine all the files.

Merge PDF Files Adobe Acrobat

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