Blogger or WordPress: Which One is Good?

Blogger or WordPress? The most confusing decision ever. Many blogger got confused in this part. You know how the situation that many blogger faces? They are already using paid platform may be from typepad  or others and wants to move it to start professionally. On that position they search for the appropriate platform which best suits him. If you ask ... Read More »

Creating Facebook Account

Are you not in Facebook? Humanity is empowered by the means of social networking. Through networking we can get to learn, share and explore new arena that we didn’t know. Though there are number of ways to do the networking, online base is the most famous one right now. Out of many services face book has gained popularity over the ... Read More »

Trust Flow and Citation Flow Explained

Trust flow and citation flow are two famous and worthy metrics of Majestic tool. Why it is important? You will get the answer here as I am going to explain. These two metrics are announced by Majestic in 2012. They are named “Flow Metric”. Lets get into them. Trust Flow and Citation Flow   To help visualize how flow metrics ... Read More »

WordPress Website Step By Step Guide – Amazon Book

I am happy to announce that my first amazon kindle book named WordPress website step by step is published. I have made this book for complete WordPress beginners. This book is now available in amazon to download for only $0.99. This book contains each and every details what a beginners want to learn and necessary opening a new website with ... Read More »

How To Install Windows 8 On Mac Using BootCamp

Introduction: Installing windows 8 on Mac can be done easily with some simple steps. An application named BootCamp will help you do this and it is very easy to do that and will take 20 or 30 minutes for the installation. To install windows 8 you need at least 1GHz single core CPU or faster one. Also you need 1GB ... Read More »

Deep Cell Phone Comparison Help You Find The Best Phone

Cell Phone Comparison Cell phone comparison is not easy. One has to have maximum knowledge about those devices. So, how is my cell phone comparison goes here, just comments and inform me. There are many special moments you just need to get on camera. You know, the dog chasing the postman up on the tree or your friend just fall ... Read More »

5 True Facts About Android

Android is one of the most successful products of Google and it’s been very popular now a days. But there are lots of matters that people do not know about and here it is. Here I am going to unveil five true facts about android, which is very informative. Android’s Origin: Many people may think that android is Google’s most ... Read More »

How To Rename Multiple Files On Mac

Rename two or three files may be easy but if more than ten or hundreds or thousands of file to rename then it will be very difficult to do. But in mac, you can do that very easily with just right click. Rename multiple files on mac is possible with simple automator tools. I create this tool. But you can ... Read More »

Record Skype Calls Windows and Mac

Over Skype, you can do three things. You can text chat, voice chat and also video chat. There is option to backup your text chat (not built-in) but there is no built-in option to record voice chat and video chat. In order to record audio and video in Skype then you have to use external software or application. Ecamm (Windows, ... Read More »

How to Merge PDF Files

Introduction: Hope you all are well. I am here to share with you some tips that are how to merge PDF files. Just you think that what you are going to do to link PDF files you have in your PC? For me, I will go for Google search and find more than one way and try the best way ... Read More »

What is Automator

‘Otto’, the automation robot. Otto is the icon of the powerful utility including with the Mac OS 10 called Automator. Automator is designed to be your personal automation assistant making you to easier to accomplish the task with the computer. In this world, we want to do things easily, which is easier to do anything or which will save my ... Read More »

Finder Preferences on Mac

Mac operating system has some extra ordinary settings that a user has to be satisfied with that. Every Mac operating system has some unique features that attract people to use mac operating system. I used windows like 17-18 years and now I am using mac operating system, its awesome but still I respect windows. I love windows because on there ... Read More »

Best PDF Viewer Mac

There are many ways to view and edit pdf in mac but apple ‘s internal software which is named “Preview” is the best pdf viewer for mac in my sense. It will save your time, reading experience will be joy for any reader and very easy to manage. Platform: Mac OS X Price: Free Download Page: Click Here View and ... Read More »

How To Share Internet Connection On Mac

If you are a mac user then you are very lucky to share your Internet connection from your mac. Mac have the built-in functionality to share your internet in two ways which will help you when you are travelling away from your home or a place where you can be connected with internet connection. There is a built-in option to ... Read More »

Create An Apple ID Without Credit Card

The person who uses MacBook, iPod, iPad faces many problems installing application or games or books or music or any other software from the app store because of apple id. This apple id features are different for different countries. Some application or games or anything in apple store is not available in many countries. But apple id from USA has ... Read More »

How to Record Quick on MAC OS X

Recording audio, video is one kind of big problem for any person if he/she does not have the external software to do that. For external software, there will have to spend some money, which is difficult for many people. So it will be good if the software is internally available in the operating system. It will be easy to record ... Read More »

How to Run Windows apps On MAC

Introduction Windows and mac operating system is the two main competitors for using in personal computers. This two OS have to different types software for each. Windows software is very wide rage in using. Much software can be found to use in windows but some may be strong and some may be weak. In the other hand, MAC OS software ... Read More »

Evernote Account | Creating and Configuring Evernote Account

Creating your Evernote account If you plan on using Evernote, the very first thing you’ll need to do is create your Evernote account. Follow along with me. Go to in your default browser, and in the top right corner of this page you’ll find a Create Account link. That’s where you will go, click that, and that takes you ... Read More »

Practical Uses for Evernote

Aside from replacing your paper notepad or even your word processor with Evernote for taking notes, there are a number of other ways or uses for Evernote. So let’s explore some real-life scenarios. We will begin with storing pictures. Now let’s say you just met someone and you took their business card. Don’t risk losing or misplacing it, take a ... Read More »

What is Evernote

Before we begin to use Evernote and discover its powerful features and functions, let’s talk about what is Evernote. Well in a nutshell, Evernote is a digital notebook. It’s a digital notebook that can capture, store, and index just about any type of data you can think of, all while syncing to the web and across all of your devices, ... Read More »

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